Designing an Effective Follow-Up Strategy

As a loan officer, following up is part of the job. Whether we’re following up with a prospect, a client, or a professional connection, keeping these lines of communication open is part of the job. Do you have a strategy for following up, or is it something you do more organically? While it might seem like a simple task, having a clear strategy in place can help you get better results. Here are some areas to consider:

Outreach Plan

Especially when it comes to prospects, loan officers need to find the balance between too timid and too pushy. Having a clear plan for your outreach can help you find just the right level of persistence without going too far in either direction. Laying out a plan for how often you’d like to reach out and keeping track of each outreach attempt can help you find the sweet spot.


Relationships are central to success as a loan officer, and follow-up messages are a part of building those. Just sending a generic message with no specifics isn’t helping to strengthen your connection with the recipient. Whether you’re emailing or leaving a voicemail, ensure that your follow-up messages are tailored to the individual you’re reaching out to. Mention a detail from a past conversation and let them know you’re available to pick it back up.


How can you add a bit more motivation to your messages? What makes someone more likely to give you a call back? In addition to ensuring that your message is personal, you also want to try to share some value whenever possible. Even if it’s just a small piece of information you share, showing the other party that you’re investing in giving them the help they need can kick off a successful connection.


To get the best results from your follow-up messages, you need to include clear calls to action, or CTAs. What is it you want to happen as a result of your message? Are you wanting them to call you back? Email you a document? Schedule a time to talk? Be explicit about what you’d like the recipient to do and make it as easy as possible. Suggest some times you have available and let them know their different options for contacting you back.

How often do you consider your follow-up strategy? Do you have any techniques that help you get a call back? I’d love to hear your thoughts on this!