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10 Home Renovations That Offer the Best (and Worst) Return on Investment

Guest Post by Marina Robertson Real estate is one of the things that you have to save up for if you want to live in your own home, either to live for the rest of your life or sell at a later time for a profit. The money that you will spend on renovating parts… Read More


2017 Best Places to Live in New Hampshire – Niche

We all know that New Hampshire is a pretty good place to call home, but not EVERY town in NH can be rated the best. So if you’re curious, take a look at where your town lands on this report from And if you feel an urge to move to Hanover or Bedford, give… Read More


5 ways ‘credit invisibles’ can build a credit profile

We meet people in this category fairly often, and the advice we give pretty well mirrors this article, but there are a few suggestions in here that I didn’t know about. There are cases where having no credit at all can be more challenging for a mortgage application than having bruised credit. People often ask… Read More


The Home Buying Cycle


Painting tips to help a home sell faster

So you just bought a new home! Chances are, the first thing you do is run to your local home improvement store and select a full pallet of the PERFECT paint colors for every room. Something that reflects your personality, your style and your furnishings. But years later when you go so SELL your house,… Read More


5 Easy-to-Forget Things That Influence Your Credit Scores |

When you’re thinking about mortgage financing, you’re thinking about credit. When you think about credit, you’re probably thinking about the big things: auto loans on time, student loans on time, credit card balances low etc. Sometimes it’s easy to overlook the little things that can bite your credit score in the behind. Author Jennifer Lawinski points… Read More


5 tips to make your home sell this spring

Home décor is a bit outside the expertise of your typical mortgage professional – no matter how good they are at matching the right loan with the right person. This article by Dennis Rodkin really puts a friendly face on things to consider when staging your home for sale in the mobile internet age. Rodkin… Read More


Most Popular and Iconic Home Design Styles |

Clearly, this vast list is regional, and you aren’t likely to find all of these styles in New England. But if you’d like to learn the language before you go house shopping (or discover something you didn’t know existed to go shopping for) this is a great place to start. Most Popular and Iconic Home… Read More


10 tips for choosing a Realtor

Allison Goodhart DuShuttle, a Realtor in Virginia, wrote a great article about how to choose a Realtor. It’s something that’s more important than a lot of people think. I often equate it to dating: you need to be able to work with your Realtor and Mortgage professional, and they need to be able to work… Read More


6 Surprising Things That Can Sabotage Your Credit Score

An excellent article about the biggest credit score landmines to be aware of BEFORE you go house shopping. The bottom line is: if you haven’t spoken with a mortgage professional about getting pre-approved, do it NOW. Before you start making credit changes you think are right. If you have been pre-approved already, don’t do ANYTHING different than… Read More