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Could You Be Working Smarter?

We’ve all heard the expression, work smarter, not harder — but what does this mean for loan officers? When we’re striving to grow our businesses, we need to put in the hard work, right? I would say, yes. To me, the idea of working smarter isn’t about escaping hard work. It’s about maximizing your time,… Read More


Press Pause

When is the last time you hit pause for yourself? It can feel like the last thing you want to do when you’re overwhelmed with work or trying to grow your business, but often, it can help us move in the direction we want to go. So often, mortgage professionals are in a constant state… Read More

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Designing an Effective Follow-Up Strategy

As a loan officer, following up is part of the job. Whether we’re following up with a prospect, a client, or a professional connection, keeping these lines of communication open is part of the job. Do you have a strategy for following up, or is it something you do more organically? While it might seem… Read More


Top Tips for Better Online Networking

For loan officers, networking is an important element of growing and maintaining a thriving business. Like many elements of our work in the last year, networking has also largely moved online. Even when we are able to network in person, this online aspect will still be important. So, if you’re looking for ways to improve… Read More


How Loan Officers Can Use Video to Engage With Their Millennial Audience?

Most loan officers know the value of content marketing, but often, the main focus is on written content. Don’t get me wrong—blogs are a great medium for loan officers who want to expand their online presence. But, they’re not the only option when it comes to creating and sharing content. Especially if you’re striving to… Read More


Does Your Morning Routine Support Your Success?

Though we tend to look to our workday when we’re looking for ways to improve professionally, sometimes, it can be just as beneficial to look at the time outside of our workdays. This week, I want to focus on morning routines. How do you spend those first couple hours of your day before diving into… Read More


How to Start Your New Year Like an Entrepreneur

If you’re feeling relief that 2020 is over, you’re certainly not alone. But that doesn’t mean 2021 will eliminate all our challenges. We’re still going to need to show up and put in the effort if we want to see results. How can we set ourselves up for success? Bringing an entrepreneurial mindset to the… Read More


The Top Communication Skill Loan Officers Need to Succeed

When we think of communication, we often jump to how we share information. Do we speak clearly and confidently? Are we able to break down complex topics? These things are certainly important for loan officers, but I believe there’s an even more important skill when it comes to communication—active listening. It’s easy to overlook listening… Read More


Entrepreneurial Mindsets that Help Loan Officers Thrive

When we look at top entrepreneurs to understand what makes them successful, it’s not just the strategies and skills that we need to understand. Beneath any of these exterior actions that we observe are internal mindsets. And it’s these mindsets that lay a strong foundation for success. By exploring our own mindsets, working to change… Read More

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The Most Important Quality Loan Officers Need to Succeed with Millennials

What does it take to succeed with millennials? Some professionals think it’s a highly tech-oriented service offering. Some think it’s the perfect online presence. Some think it’s about being hip and staying up to date with the current trends. To me, real success with millennials is all about authenticity. I’ve found that being true to… Read More