How to Start Your New Year Like an Entrepreneur

If you’re feeling relief that 2020 is over, you’re certainly not alone. But that doesn’t mean 2021 will eliminate all our challenges. We’re still going to need to show up and put in the effort if we want to see results. How can we set ourselves up for success? Bringing an entrepreneurial mindset to the start of this year can help you maximize the milestone. Here’s how:


While many would like to forget 2020 altogether, it’s not an option, especially if you want to hit the ground running in 2021. Sure, this year may have thrown more challenges at us than ever, but that gives us valuable information to reflect on. So, while it might not have been the easiest year, it’s important to look back at what you did accomplish. How did you navigate the challenges that came your way? How did you adapt? What did you learn? What do you wish you could have done better? Which mistakes taught you important lessons? Taking time to pause and take stalk is an important part of getting ready for a new year.


Where are you heading? This doesn’t need to mean a list of resolutions, though it certainly can if those work for you. Once you’ve looked back over the last year, it’s time to take those insights and apply them to the future. In this new landscape, with new skills, what do you want to accomplish? Which challenges do you need to overcome in your business? What do you need to learn? Start big-picture to carve out a direction for yourself.


From there, it’s essential to break that big-picture thinking into actionable steps. It’s essential to turn ambitious goals into practical strategies. This is why so many resolutions fail. Although we set them with the best intentions, if we don’t also take the time to strategize how we’re going to achieve them, it’s no wonder they slip our minds by March. Keep working your goals into smaller and smaller tasks until you arrive at something you can do tomorrow. And the next day. And the day after that. You might not be able to map out the entire year perfectly, but you can get a solid outline of a map for yourself that you can continue to fill in as you progress.

Get Excited

Finally, get excited. This year has worn us down, and it’s understandable that exhaustion, sadness, and frustration may be reaching all-time highs. But it’s worth it to see if you can also stir up a bit of excitement for the possibilities that lie ahead. It’s not that it’s going to be easy. But you have the tools and plans to take you where you want to go. Getting energized around these things will help you maintain the motivation necessary to succeed this year.

How are you planning to maximize 2021? What new lessons or skills are you bringing with you from 2020? How have your goals changed? I’d love to hear your thoughts.