Painting tips to help a home sell faster

Photo (c) Igor Mojzes - Fotolia

Photo (c) Igor Mojzes – Fotolia

So you just bought a new home!

Chances are, the first thing you do is run to your local home improvement store and select a full pallet of the PERFECT paint colors for every room. Something that reflects your personality, your style and your furnishings.

But years later when you go so SELL your house, you now have old, dated choices that still reflect who you were – and probably don’t match the furniture anymore either.

So you may as well freshen things up to make it a little more appealing for prospective buyers. But what to do?

This article from Consumer Affairs gives tips on both color choices and how to overcome your color obstacles. You probably should have seen the problem coming with the safari room that seemed like a good idea at the time…

Painting tips to help a home sell faster.