The Most Important Quality Loan Officers Need to Succeed with Millennials

What does it take to succeed with millennials? Some professionals think it’s a highly tech-oriented service offering. Some think it’s the perfect online presence. Some think it’s about being hip and staying up to date with the current trends. To me, real success with millennials is all about authenticity. I’ve found that being true to who you are as a professional and standing by that in your marketing and customer service is a strong strategy for growing your business with this demographic. Here’s why I think authenticity is so important:

Stand Out

Being authentic helps you stand out to millennials. They’re used to countless businesses vying for their attention and trying to say exactly what they want to hear. This isn’t what they’re looking for with a loan officer. They want someone they feel confident can guide them through the lending process. When they encounter you or your brand and see that you’re clear about your values and sharing content that reflects who you are as a professional, that authenticity will help you stand out from the noise.

Strengthen Your Brand

Your brand and the client experience you provide create a cycle – your brand sets the expectations for the experience, and clients can then attest to how honest and accurate of a representation your brand was. For example, let’s say your brand centers around a message of speedy service. If that’s an authentic standard and commitment you’ve made for yourself, you’re likely to be able to deliver. This means that past clients will help to verify your brand through testimonials, reviews, and other affirmations. This helps to strengthen your brand’s message and validity. On the other hand, when your brand is centered around something to grab attention instead of a genuine reflection of who you are, it becomes significantly more difficult to deliver an experience that aligns with that. This can lead to reviews and other information from past clients that undermine your brand.

Build Trust

Earning your clients’ trust is essential. This trust allows you to deliver a high-quality client experience. It helps your clients to feel understood. It makes them feel like a priority. It helps them feel at ease knowing there’s an expert in their corner. It’s difficult to earn trust when you’re not being authentic, though. When clients sense a corporate facade in their loan officer, it makes them question the connection. On the other hand, when they feel they’re working with an authentic individual, trust naturally follows.

Earn Referrals

The positive experience that trust allows you to create for your clients can also translate into future referrals from them. Leading with authenticity makes your clients feel confident sending referrals your way. They know who you are, and they can feel confident that friends and family will have a similarly positive experience working with you.

How important is authenticity in your business with millennials? Are there other qualities you prioritize with this demographic? I’d love to hear your thoughts!